So… What Would Laura Do?

It’s a question I (um, Laura One?) often ask myself while indulgently referring to myself in the third person (some situations require this). And it’s probably a question my other friends-and-colleagues Lauras (um, Two and Three?) ask themselves on a regular basis (I hope so Lauras Two and Three? – soz if I’m wrong). And it’s definitely a question we ask each other, while trying our best to negotiate the difficult business of actual life (relationships, friendships, work, family, AARGH ACTUALLY EVERYTHING). And generally we can come up with some pretty good advice that makes us feel better/we can ponder over/finally make some decent choices which is all anyone can really ask for. Right?


This kind of thing will also be involved

So we thought we’d share that – and our random thoughts/musings/what’s making us happy/hacking us off – as well as those of other expert people to help you with all of the above, should you require it. So feel free to leave a comment, drop us an email ( or tweet us (@WWLauraTweet) with anything you need advice on. Or just to tell us what you would do.



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