What Would Laura Do? Wear a grill at 55

Okay, so in saying that, it’s probably quite unlikely that I will actually wear a grill (/grillz – not sure how the grammar works here) at 55. For a start, they’re fairly expensive, and my fashion-spending hierarchy pretty much goes:

1) Pretty dresses
2) Pretty skirts
3) Investment bags
4) Heeled ankle boots
5) Tweed-based jackets

1,000,000) Grill(z)

But that is much more down to my budget and generally not being a multi-millionairess global superstar, than anything to do with being too old for them. As has been levelled at Madge this week.

She first stepped out with them at a French music festival she attended with her boyfriend Ibrahim. A few Instagram pics followed, before she was papped with them in again at her 55th birthday party (where she was dressed as a skirtless Marie Antoinette). Since then – and despite the predictable ‘desperate’ and ‘ridiculous’ comments they attracted – they’ve barely left her mouth. Which must make it quite difficult when it comes to eating macrobiotic salad.


I LOVE this dude

Apart from the fact that we’re not exactly in normal rules territory – she’s Madonna FFS – I kind of think that at 55, if you want to wear grillz then you should go for it. It’s a bit like how it’s totally fine for old ladies to be incredibly rude because THEY’VE EARNED IT. Not that I’m saying Madonna is an old lady. She’s 55. But if she did want to wear grillz as an actual pensioner that would be fine too. It might even be easier denture-wise.

That said, I do have a problem with the rest of Madonna’s styling. I mean grillz with a T-shirt and jeans = cool. Grillz with a polka dot tea dress and white crochet cardigan = SO VERY WRONG. It’s like wearing a twin set with a nose ring. Which will probably be Madonna’s next look.


(Laura One)

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