What Would Laura Do? Struggle massively with winter

If there is anything that is going to make returning from a long weekend in beautiful, rambling Venice even less pleasant, it’s coming back to ACTUAL WINTER as I seem to have done. To the extent that I’m writing this at the station in full winter coat, cardigan and tights (um, and some other stuff, otherwise WEIRD) while slightly despairing at life. I mean fundamentally how? And perhaps more philosophically why?



Anyway, deep questions aside, it’s clear that winter (or at least the onset) is a reality, and so all that remains is to flesh out a series of coping strategies in a bid to cheer myself up and avert the urge to jump on a return flight to Venice (it’s nice, but not sure there’s much scope there for an English-speaking-only lady journo). THUS:

By new winter clothes
The return to items with gussets will be made all the more bearable when you can cover them up with some exciting new purchases. Plus I’m pretty sure these count as ‘basic survival essentials’ rather than ‘extraneous fashion nonsense’

Embrace hibernation
If you were an animal right now you’d be searching out some nice leaves and feathers, and finding somewhere dry, warm and most importantly PITCH BLACK to knock out the zeds for the next few months. And there’s no reason we can’t follow their excellent lead. Invest in a triple tog duvet, electric blanket, and range of box sets. Friends: I’ll see you in April.

Book a holiday
IMMEEDS. Normally I’d head to Egypt for some ‘winter sun’ (ugh to that phrase) but not sure it’s so great there right now. Anywhere with temps on the decent side and no obvious civil war issues though, are a GOER.

Have a bath
The second you drag your sorry, shivering self through the door. I’ve been known to eat a full dinner in mine.

Buy a sleeping bag suit



No further explanation required.

Moot moving the office abroad
As I did yesterday. A fruitless but at least momentarily soothing tactic.

Carry a hottie
BRACKETS HOT WATER BOTTLE. Leaving the house is far easier when you have one of these tucked into your coat. It’s actually the only way to get to the gym in winter (still don’t get to the gym in winter).

Book the week before Christmas off now
Then spend the next three months perfecting your jaunty wave as you leave everyone else to deal with the pre-hols rush.

Drink mulled whatever
Yes, it might be a bit like drinking pot pourri, but warm + drunk > cold + sober

Do not, whatever you do, read the crying baby elephant story.

(Laura One)

What are your winter coping strategies? Tweet us @WWLauraTweet


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